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Open post doctoral positions

Open Position for a PhD Student
Institution: Centre d'immunologie Marseille-Luminy (CIML)
Research team: "Dendritic cells and antiviral immunity" led by Marc Dalod
Projet is developed and supervised by Elena Tomasello.
Project title: Deciphering the tissue imprinting of plasmacytoid dendritic cells in homeostasis and during viral infections
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Open Position for a Research Assistant without thesis
Institution: University of Geneva, faculty of medicine
Section / Division: Section of fundamental medicine
Position: Research Assistant without PhD thesis, rate of activity : 100 %
Place of work: CMU (Centre médical universitaire) – Rue Michel-Servet 1, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland
Pathology and Immunology Dept. | PATIM
Application deadline: 01.05.2022
Laboratory of the professor Paula Nunes-Hasler.
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Open Postdoc position in the group of Jenny Valladeau at the cancer research center of Lyon

1. Study of the function of tumor-infiltrating myeloid cell using scRNAseq approaches/

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Two open Postdoc positions in the Benaroch laboratory at the Institut Curie in paris to work on

1. Myeloid cells as anti-cancer adoptive cell therapy (3 years, 18 months funded)
2. cGAS/STING pathway during chronic infection (3 years, ANRS funded)

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One open postdoctoral position in Jerome Martin laboratory in the CRTi in Nantes

1. scRNAseq approaches to look at monocular phagocytes heterogeneity and function in IBD and gastric cancer

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One open post doc position in the Christophe Caux and Nathalie Bendriss-Vermare laboratory, at the CRCL in Lyon

1. Study of the DCs and NK cells interaction in the context of cancer immunity

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